Painting since the turn of the century Nick has made a successful career transition.

Nick captures the energy and vitality of Australia, creating spectacular images that everyone can identify with and enjoy. His paintings are displayed in Australia, the UK, USA and the United Arab Emirates.

He has produced a series of works for the public areas of a number of Australian corporations, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, PDY Ltd. and Aqua financial services.

Most recently he has been working on the jetty series, pictures which take you back to your childhood, holidays which went on forever,  swimming every day, simply living without a care in the world.

Nick also hires selected works for corporate offices and to stylists and individuals marketing their houses for sale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Paintings are available for a 5 week campaign, delivery and hanging services are also available.

Please contact Nick to discuss your requirements:
0414 907 044